Ronnie Bennett and Kyle Simpson of Harlan County KY

One of SHARK’s first major exposés in the world of cockfighting was of a father and son cockfighting operation in Harlan County, KY. 

The father, Ronnie Bennet, was a Captain at the Harlan County Detention Center. His son, Kyle Simpson, was a Corrections Officer at the same center.  We scoured both men’s Facebook pages, which were public, and found a trove of evidence linking them to cockfighting.  We should note that it was apparently no secret in the detention center about Mr. Bennett’s illegal cockfighting, meaning that other law enforcement officers were aware and yet did nothing to stop the criminal activity.

Thanks to our work, Bennett is facing charges. We will update this page when that is resolved.
They called their operation the, “Cuttin’ Up Game Farm.”  Here are some of their posts:


 Simpson is in the middle, Bennett is on the right.

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