Moves against double-deck horse trailers

February 2, 2012


An animal advocacy group is asking supporters to help stop the transport of horses in double-deck trailers.

SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) notified supporters last week that legislation prohibiting the transporting of horses in double deck trailers had been submitted.

"The rodeo industry has a lobbyist opposing this legislation. This legislation is coming up for vote on Thursday and calls are needed to your legislators," SHARK said.

Those wanting to show their support can call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-2141 and ask to be connected to their legislator, or contact a representative via a letter or email.

"Please call your legislators today and politely ask them to support the language in the Surface Transportation Act banning the transportation of horses on double-deck trailers. This language will make transportation safer for horses and our roadways safer for drivers," SHARK said.

It also released the following information on horse trailers.

Average horse height: 7'-7'8" (84"-92" or 15-17 hands)
Average trailer ceiling height: 4'7"-5'11" (55"-71") each level
Recommended height: 7-8' (84"-96") each level
Modified rodeo trailer: 5'11" (71") each level
Average height of a house door: 7' (84")

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