Cruelty needs no sponsors

By Maite Kropp

The Reporter - Vacaville, CA
Posted: 07/28/2011

Another year, another nightmare. Once again, the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyo., put on its annual "cultural tradition," and once again, the celebrated event left behind severely injured animals, as well as dead ones.

The event opened to the public as advertised the weekend of July 23; however, during the four days before the public opening, there is preparation known as the "slack."

This is where the abuse begins. The slack involves cowboys riding their horses and practicing their technique by violently throwing calves to the ground.

On July 20, Calf No. 147 was roped and jerked to the ground so hard that the poor creature suffered serious injury and was unable to stand. During the rest of the slack, four other calves and two steers also were maimed. Where was the veterinarian who was required by law to be there to care and protect these animals?

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