Title Created Date
No Justice in Corrupt Berks County, PA Oct 17 2012
Witness to a pigeon shoot: Hundreds of birds shot, the wounded pummelled Oct 10 2012
The Video that Must End Pigeon Shoot - SHARK to Hold Press Conference Oct 07 2012
SHARK Hunts Down the Reno Rodeo Shocker - Rodeo Horse with Broken Leg Sep 26 2012
The Legal Battle Against Pigeon Shoots Sep 18 2012
SHARK Challenges the NRA - 30,000,000 YouTube Views Milestone Aug 22 2012
Confederate Flag Waving Pigeon Shooters Ramp up Violent Efforts Against Protest Aug 05 2012
Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Update - Big Loop Rodeo Loses a Major Sponsor! Jul 25 2012
Death and Lies on Day One of the 2012 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Jul 19 2012
Video: Calf Brutalized at 2012 Reno Rodeo Jul 15 2012
SHARK Press Conference Exposing Reno Rodeo a Success! Jul 10 2012
SHARK Exposes Animal Abuse at Two Rodeos/ GEICO No Longer Supports Rodeos! Jul 02 2012
PA's Shameful Pigeon Shoots - Enough is Enough! Jun 10 2012
Bucks DA Again Shows Alligiance to Pigeon Shooters Jun 05 2012
Operation Bright Light Exposé: Richard Torykian May 21 2012
Cruelty Citations Filed Against Philadelphia Gun Club May 01 2012
SHARK to YMCA - No More Kids at Cruel Rodeos! Apr 29 2012
YouTube Age Restricts SHARK's Video of Children at Rodeo Apr 11 2012
Coast Guard Update and Response to the Commandant Mar 29 2012
Keep the Pressure on the Coast Guard to Shut Down the Philadelphia Gun Club Mar 27 2012

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