Title Created Date
SHARK Gets the Names of More than 270 Pigeon Shooters! Feb 15 2012
SHARK Shuts Down Broxton Bridge Pigeon Shoot! Feb 13 2012
Contact Field and Stream for their Support of Pigeon Shooting Feb 11 2012
SHARK Begins Operations at South Carolina Pigeon Shoot Feb 10 2012
Keep Pressure of Gov. Haley and The Price is Right + NJ Bear Hunter Apologises! Feb 06 2012
Bob Barker Speaks Out Against the Calgary Stampede Rodeo Feb 02 2012
Please Call Today to Ban Double-Decker Horse Trailers Feb 01 2012
South Carolina Pigeon Shoot/Santa Cruz Fair/Rodeo Loses Money Jan 30 2012
South Carolina Pigeon Shoot and Protest at Bear Hunter's Law Firm Jan 27 2012
Ask Bensalem Twp to Condemn Philadelphia Gun Club Wall Jan 03 2012
The SHARK 2011 Year in Review: What We've Accomplished With Your Help Dec 28 2011
SHARK Offers $1000 Reward for Identity of Suspected Shooter Dec 26 2011
SHARK Shuts Down Planned Tower Shoot Dec 23 2011
SHARK Calls on NJ Bear Hunter to Apologize + Lust at a Pigeon Shoot??? Dec 16 2011
Pigeon Shoot Ban Coming Up For a Vote! Dec 09 2011
SHARK president takes polygraph exam to get to the truth Nov 14 2011
Winning the War Against Pigeon Shooting Nov 11 2011
Pigeon Shooting Club Caught on Video Burning Tires Oct 28 2011
SHARK Challenges Super 8 Hotels for Sponsoring Rodeo Cruelty Oct 04 2011
China says No to Rodeo! Penela, Portugal Says Yes to Bullfighting!?! Sep 27 2011

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