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North Carolina man will not be prosecuted for abandoning his pet fish

Sadly this abuser will face no charges.

A North Carolina man will not face charges for abandoning a pet fish. 

Michael Hinson, 53, was charged on April 4 with three counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty and one count of misdemeanor abandonment. He posted a $4,000 bond and was released in Wilmington, North Carolina, according to the Washington Post. 

Authorities dropped all charges Tuesday, however, because North Carolina law protects dogs, rabbits, baby chicks, fowl and other animals – but not fish, specifically. 

"We take a very dim view of anyone who would abuse any creature great or small and appreciate (animal services) enforcement of the laws to protect vulnerable animals," New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David said in a statement to USA TODAY. "Fish are not included in this statute, however, so my office is dismissing these charges."


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Pelican-Abusing Twit vs. Tough, Caring Sheriff

SHARK applauds the stand taken by Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay in Florida, for taking a stand against a twit named Hunter Hardesty for jumping on a Pelican, while Hardesty's fellow twits laughed and filmed. To thank Sheriff Rick Ramsay:


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