Yes! I want to help SHARK stop animal cruelty and suffering.

Thanks to your generous support, SHARK continues to document and stop cruelty at cockfights, puppy mills, rodeos, pigeon shoots, bull fights and more. Your donation will be used to stop animal cruelty and rescue injured and dying animals. If SHARK wasn't there, the cruelty and suffering that we document would often simply go unchallenged and unrecorded by anyone. Your donation changes that! You can be assured that every dollar you donate goes directly towards SHARK's work to defend animals and investigate and expose cruelty.

Please make your donation HERE. Thank you for your generous support! Any issues please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please consider supporting our work for animals all year long: Become a SHARK supporter and your gift for animals will automatically repeat every month. When you donate you will have the option to set-up your monthly donation.

Steve Hindi, President of SHARK, has never taken a salary from SHARK. He is 100% a volunteer. In addition, SHARK has no expensive offices to pay for, all SHARK employees and volunteers work from their homes so that even more of your donations go directly to helping animals. You will not find a leaner or more fiscally responsable animal protection organization than SHARK. We make every penny count. Click here to read Charity Navigator's review of SHARK.

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SHARK is a US registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit charity, which means your donation is tax deductible!

The work we do can be expensive - traveling and working on the road and lawsuits to defend animals and bring justice to animal abusers all cost money. Our cameras, large lenses, boats, and the unmanned aerial vehicles that we need to document the animal cruelty the abusers try so hard to hide from you are additional necessary expenses. Veterinary bills for rescued animals also add up.

With your donation, we’ll send you Updates and Action Alerts so you can take quick, simple actions for animals every few weeks or so. In addition, you’ll receive a free subscription to SHARK's semi-annual letter with news from SHARK, and reports and documentation from our investigations.