Would you like to see just how much hunters "care" and "respect" nature? Check out some of the comments left on just one of SHARK's YouTube videos. It is pretty clear that nothing matters to these people but killing for the sake of killing.


Comment Excerpts

Hey there, junkie. Just thought I'd let you know, I shot a rabbit this morning with my bow. It was just getting a little light out and it jumped in front of me at 10 yards away. He never even saw me. I got him with a custom small game broad head I made myself. Ripped right through the ribs and pinned him to the mud. I hope your not mad at me.... I thought about you while I was cleaning it. I'm feeding it to my two- year old for breakfast right now!

Fuck this shit...shoot the guy flying around. That would be way more fun. I'd wait til he got a little higher though. Don't forget the assholes shouting through the bull horn off to the side.

Anywhere in Nebraska, ill kill the chap in the electric flying machine, then ill kill all the people watching. You fuckers are outnumbered, and your lucky your still alive

i would have shot that bastard. i hope i see yall in my spread one day. get ready to file charges on my bc im unloadin my gun on that dam wing glider. then im gona pepper yall idiots talkin shit from the truck....

its called saturday and sunday i got 48 hours to get drunk get laid an kill shit fuck i sloughted some snow geese last weekend shoulda seen it they dropped like flys an i wasnt hiding in a hole i was in a ditch couple weeks here im gunna kill some turkeys what are you gunna do about it fuckin cock sucker

fly over our fields that way, and you might not make it out

I would fucking shoot their smart asses. Accidentally of course.

for every hunt of mine that gets sabotaged, i'll KILL TWICE as many animals as they saved

HAHA ....."I KILLED 12 GEESE IN YOUR HONOR TODAY".... love it!!!!

Silly ass video.. You wouldn't get away with that crap in my neck of the woods, You would be a crash and burn victim..

I would love the footage of your man crashing to the ground after some "stray" pellets ripped up his chute!

For every hunter you harass, I will KILL five geese...Have fun, I know I will.

if you ever fly by me you are getting fucking shot

You are a worthless motherfucker.

For every goose you try to save, I will kill 10. I already got a head start on you this year. 177 dead geese. One more thing, you every fly that close to my decoys, I will fucking blow you out of the sky. 3 shells of Hevi-Shot to the face. It would be self defense... and you would be fucking dead.

i say shoot the geese!!!! they r dirty aniamls anyways

somebody should mail you guys dead geese to your homes and work..... for paybacks... I LOVE TO KILL ANIMALS by the way

I can add 264 dead birds to heavyhauler's total. Only 2 were geese, but boy were they ever tasty. The 262 ducks were pretty good too.

hey dumbass with the plane. i live couple miles away. you ever bring that $hit to channahon or out in the country of yorkville, ill blow you out of the air on the 1st pass and we'll see whos laughing!!! think ill miss? if we can shoot tiny ducks compared to your piece of junk im sure ill blow ur junkyard with a parashoot out of the air no prob! Think im playin? TRY ME=

LOL...That has to be the most rediculas thing I saw, Just to retaliate I think I will go hunt an extra few says and make up for those guys lost geese...Maybe find a thicket of yioung rabbits to practise on first...Then maybe just maybe go look into some Ponds and shoot a few beaver and muskrats!!!!!! Just to get the furs.

we kill millions of birds and cut the breast out and eat them in fact i just had some and it was oh so good

Thanks for the video. To protest, I am going to shoot 5 more geese in the morning while I think of you.

i kill geese everyday of my life and sometimes i do it illiegally and some times i dont.......what you are doin is illieagal to.....looks like id be goin to jail for murder if you pussies ever made it my way HAHA

I shot 20 snowgeese and 3 canadian geese yesterday!!!!! i dare you to fly over me!

theres your time, your place, your choice to be a pansy or get your teeth shot out!
open season for waterfowl is oct.18, but i believe the ultra light air craft season is year round here!!! plus we use special ammo that has a sharpened edge around every pellet, and i wouldnt have a problem introducing you to Mr. Black Cloud. hahaha

if you flew over my fucking feild like that you would have some 12 gauge bird shot to remove for your ass you peices of shit fuck i do i ever hate you fucks

Someone needs to put a dick in that cunts mouth.

i deeply wish that one time you will get shot down, i wouldnt cry if he died :b ^^ :D

So far this season I have killed 100 geese, 137 ducks and they were all eaten in your honor! CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT ALL AGAIN NEXT SEASON!!!!!!!

i would have like to see u do this i would have shot your parachute deal made u fall whent over beat the shit out of u an hows it make u feel pussy that here where we hunt geese we have killed 527 this year so far pussys come do it to my field

personally I would of shot your chute and kicked your ass for being a piece of shit.

a good high power rifle will get and and touch that piece of shit in the ultra light.He wants to know what goose flies like ,then he can see how a goose gets shot while hunting

i would have definately shot your chute and kicked your ass

that sorta shit would never happen in the south b/c you wouldn't even finish your first pass over any of our decoys. you would very likely be left for dead where you fall.

If i ever met you and knew it was you i would have you eating through a tube the rest of your life. I fucking hate pieces of shit like you

Well I look forward to the day you get busted for hunter harrasment. Better yet I look forward to the day when someone puts a load of shot in your head.

I would dare you fucking cowards to try that shit with me. You'd end up with an ass full of birdshot.

Fly over me while I'm hunting and I'll shoot your ass out of the sky.


I'd shoot these bastards out of the air.

Shark..... Come to our fields and you won't be flying long

I just got back in from a morning squirrel hunt.usually i only kill four or five to put in the freezer but thinking of you fellas i got my limit which is eight. I also got three rabbits on my way back to the truck.

If it were me, I think that parachute would have some steel in it.

I would of shot the cords that hold that thing up and watched that soulless asshole plummet to ground and die.

I personally love to hunt and fish. I sometimes don't even eat what I shoot but either give it away or just trash it. When I fish and happen to really start catching them good I will throw the "over the limit" fish back so as not to get a ticket...which have been on ice and are dead. :-) Sorry!

You a punk and I hope you get yours one day. You are gonna fuck with the wrong redneck one of these times.

Come to Washington State! I hear Flying idiots taste like Chicken!

i swear i"d shoot that arrogant bitch in the face
I would like to get my hands on that arrogant bitch and shoot her in the face with my dick

SHARK, you are a bunch of idiots, please come to Idaho, we would love for you to come protect the innocent geese!! By the way, we got 22 yesterday, and are at 253 for the season!!

u fuck brains better not ever let me see you pull that shit with my own eyes or ull have bullet holes in ur para shoot thing.

Just watching this, I'll make sure I go out hunting geese 3x next week instead of once. I'll make up for your feeble efforts. Also, burros are not natural to the land and should be killed they are destructive.

Haha oh my go ahead and try that over my spread and there will be a different ending to your story. I have always wanted to go on to bigger game

I'll have to go goose hunting 3 extra days next week to make up for this crap. Also, the burros are not native and are destructive. They damage and tear up natural habitat.

I've lived in the SW, in N. AZ burros for sure! They and wild horses tear things up and ruin the habitat for native species.

I would have shot the parachute and said oops! I was aiming for a bird and he flew in the way, his bad!!

If I were the hunters on this place you'd have surprises in future flight.. and you wouldn't even konw where It'd come from! BUT YOU'D BE CRASHING JUST LIKE THE GEESE DO IN OUR HUNTS!

You are lucky that that wasn't in the fields that I hunt in you would have been shot or shot at . you forget that the hunter has the gun you will piss the wrong off one some day and hope fully that is your last flight .

come meet me in the cornfield, you little ass clown, we'll compare degrees and then I will stomp a mudhole in your ass

You are a freakin idiot, and yes, I would have shot your stupid parachute. Come try this in Arkansas, and see how long you last.

I hope someone shows you what a 12 gauge can do to a parachute!

NJ has a extended snow goose season, cant wait to kill my my unlimited amount until April.

I can't wait for Spring snow goose season. Unlimited amount snows to be harvested.

I would shoot that damn ultra light down then beat the shit out of the operator then beat the living sit out of the pussies out of the on lookers you fucking hippies

I here ultralights burn well.

if i would be the guy in the field i would shot this parachute and i would kick this guy ass so hard!!!!! bunch of retard

I would have knocked that idiot from the sky so he could take a better look at my "hole" as they called it.

Make sure you stop near your local Cabela's or Bass Pro, plenty of nice things to see inside there, DEAD!!! Shoot em in the lips boys!

Come fly over my land once when I'm hunting. I bet yah don't return home... and if yah do it won't be pretty.

i thing that guy would have recieved a load of t shot in the parachute that might have fixed him

maybe i will find those fields and kill the piss out of geese in them.

Just for your info I shot over 250 geese this year, so suck on that.

One of these days you are gonna catch a few pellets to the body, and guess what you will never try to stop us MURDERERS again.

Sooner or later, you'll fly a tad to close to the wrong person who knows what you're doing. You'll get what's coming for you.

try this in arkansas and you fags will have 12 gauge steel shot peppering your butts. dont believe me? please come try it. i love killing the hell out of ducks!!!!!

I would have shot the strings off that fucker and let you plummet to earth.

you wouldnt be doing this crap around here. You can come to see what i mean if you want??

the goose population is over populated anyways, i hope you dress up as a giant goose and try and chase our kill away, then it will give us an excuse to turn you into the kill for being an asshole, your only putting your own life in danger by fucking with hunters

tell ya what if it was me i woulda had that ultra lite in a pile on the ground

I wish you would have stepped foot on my property b/c I would have beat the living shit out of you. I guess I'll eat an extra piece of meat for you guys tomarrow.

I wonder how well that tarp would hold up agianst some steel shoot?????? You'd look funny trying to flap your arms to stay air borne.

one day you may just well lose your life for your cause.

It was AWESOME today out in the field, I had a beautiful decoy set, snow covered corn field and gesse all around, it took some coaxing, but I finally got a flock to committ, and all hell broke loose, me and my friend took down 7 out of about 20-25.

The reason I shot him officer....was he kept flying the plane towards me and I felt my life was in danger.

dumb motherfuckers. someday you will fuck with the wrong people, and some redneck will shoot your ass down. I hope he kills all you fucking pussy's standing by the road as well.

the only animal more deserving of being shot than those geese was you...tard

Dont come to missouri and do that over my decoys....you wouldnt ever fly that ting again

fuckin fag. i would have shot your ass. dont ever pull that shit in northern california, id fuck you up if you did that in my blind

Oh yeah come to Missouri and do that over my decoys....you will never fly again...fuck face

I myself hope someone yells 'take 'em' when this moron harrasses another hunter.

actually, i dont think that shotgun would of done nothing but put holes in the chute. then hopefully they would of hit the ground and the hunter would of beat the crap out of him.

If you ever read the Bible it says for humans to have complete control over the planet. So that means it's ok to kill animals.

Come to Windsor colorado and try that goose fly by BS. Then when your done fixing you kite come to eastern colorado and watch us blow the hell out of the little cute prairie dogs and even better when the pups are born they line up on the holes and you can get 3 to 4 in one shot.

there would have been some #2 shot blackcloud flying if i was one of those hunters

you better be very happy that was not me out there hunting because i would have put a ton of holes in your damn ultralite!!!! FUCK YOU GOD DAMN ANIMAL RIGHTS PEOPLE YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THEN GO AND MESS WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE HAVING FUN??

Laugh all you want but I got my limit this year . I'll do it next year and the next and you'll keep flying around like an idiot while I'm still blasting geese . I've probably got a carcass or two around if you want a good dead goose hug .

I have an idea, come down to Georgia and fly by my dekes, I will send you the exact location and day that we will be hunting. I will tell you that you will need a new fan after you fly by, in advance. I hope all of you tree huggers crash and burn.

there fucking geese get the fuck over it they are lucky that wasnt me out in that field i would have shot the mother fucker and left his ass there

I often pray something like this would happen to me while I'm "in a hole" hunting geese. It would be pretty hard flying that ultarlite with a hole in the shoot,

If I would have been that hunter, your little friend would have looked like the geese I shoot. You could have retrieved him and took him to the hospital to try and revive him.

If i were that guy, and i saw some retard flying around my spread, i would have SHOT him

it would have been LEGAL for me to shoot him.

damn bunch of idiots,i would have pulled a Dick Chaney on your ass for sure.

you guys are complete garbage!!! i hope your little D-BAG cruiser crashes to put you out of your misery i truly wish the worst for you your family and your followers and im glad to tell you i shot enough geese ducks deer and pheasant this year to make up for the damage your terrorist group has caused DADDY IS EATING GOOD!!!

I wish they would bring that lil fuckin plane down to where I fucking hunt and try that shit. They would be added to the list of people that came into pond hollar and never come back out

if it was me id put some 3.5 inch steel shot thru the chute on your flying machine

your a fucking faget that fucks a damn dog your little chicken piece of shit if i ever see you i will kick your ass so much you will shit foot prints

me and my waterfowl slayin crew, we would have kicked the shit outta ya, tied ya up, and made you watch as we drop the birds like rain. BITCHES!!!!!

There is no doubt that he would have been plucking 3.5 inch BB out of his dumba**. I think shooting that goob would have been much more fun than the geese. I have just finished up a very successful season of shooting plenty of ducks and geese. I am just thankful that I have never encountered idiots like this or things would have gotten interesting quickly. They would have been arrested for hunter harassment after our killin crew kicked their a**es.

I'm going to kill 10 extra geese this season just for you treehuggers. You might think it's fun to watch that guy scare away the geese, but it's not nearly as fun as picking up a wounded one by the head and swinging it around to snap it's neck.

if this was me i woulda shot the fucker out of the sky and shoved the microphone up the ignorant cunts ass

come to tn and do that sh!t and i bet you wont be leaven! and to bad you was not there when my blind killed 267 geese!! and cant wait till i go to MO and kill every snow geese i see and if you come over i bet you would have som kent 3 1/2 bb or t shot tho your pershoot

i'm glad you aren't in md you wouldn't have made a second pass by me i'm a good shot

we'll shoot your ass will get shot down in texas


im pretty sure there would be holes in that thing if that was me

I doubt your little nut group would do very good in North Idaho. You would be picking lead out of your ass.

u guys should go ****** cry yourself to bed because i have killled a ton of geese and ducks

This is a good way to get shot down. I would not hesitate to open fire on the chute and ropes.

just too many of the long necked bastards,

i would have shot that guy

I would feel real sorry if something like this happened to me.....the guy in the little parachute wouldn't be buzzin around too long. Stupid fags, it would be real funny when you drop down to buzz my decoys and I blow a hole in your chute huh?

fly that piece of shit over me when I'm hunting and see what happens.

you made me spent some extra money this season on leasing some extra fields this year. and instead of killing just 20 more birds. now i will do everything in my power to get over a 100. the geese can thank you for signing their death sentence. come film me if you want to see some real killing.



Based on these usernames it is pretty obvious that there is no concern for the environment or nature like hunters claim. It is all about the killing.


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