Oprah Winfrey

We were mighty surprised when Oprah Winfrey used a segment of her show to glorify rodeos. What an irony! Oprah overcame both racial and gender challenges to become an enormously successful person, and she did it by creating an image of being credible and caring. 

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Willie Nelson

"It's time for the cowboys to stand up for the horses." So says Willie Nelson, but then why is he supporting the rodeo industry that helps to supply the slaughterhouses with used up and broken down horses? 

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Larry the Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy (real name Daniel Lawrence Whitney) has put together quite a career of telling classless jokes about defecation, flatulation and other lowbrow or socially questionable subjects. Hey, everyone has a calling, and this one has done pretty well for Daniel Lawrence. Unfortunately, the reality of Danny is that he loves animal abuse. 

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K. D. Lang

Long-time vegetarian advocate and PETA issue-promoter, k. d. lang, has inexplicably lent her vocal talents to support rodeo animal abuse.

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