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  • Ex-Laurel County KY Sheriff's Deputy Jacklyn Johnson

    In 2020, SHARK became aware of Jacklyn Johnson, who was at the time a bailiff with the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department. Johnson was, and presumably still is a self-proclaimed cockfighter who works at a notorious cockfighting pit in KY called “CJ’s...

  • Laurel County Sheriff John Root

    John Root is the sheriff of Laurel County, Kentucky. Many people say Laurel County is the most corrupt county in the state of Kentucky. To whatever degree that is true, Sheriff John Root is a big part of the reason. A former Kentucky State Police...

  • CJ's Pit, London, Laurel County, KY

    London, KY Google Map link: 37.162295, -83.98467 CJ’s is owned by Rick Johnson. CJ’s has a direct connection in the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office. Her name is Jacklyn Johnson and she was a bailiff with the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department. You can...

  • BREAKING NEWS: Another Major Criminal Cockfighting Pit in Kentucky Shut Down!

    time is now. CJ's Pit, taken by a SHARK investigator This cockfight location is called “CJ’s Pit,” and is located in Laurel County. This is not a new location. All indicators is that it has been in operation for many years, and has simply been ignored...

  • Currently Verified Fight Locations

    we are told permanently, but time will tell. Honest Abes, Pine Knot, McCreary County, KY Bald Rock Pits/Big H, London, Laurel County, KY BUSTED! Operators under Federal Indictment. Read More. CJ's Pit, London, Laurel County, KY BUSTED! Operators under...

  • Rick Johnson

    Rick Johnson runs CJ's Pit located just outside London, KY in Laurel County. This pit has been active for decades! CJ’s has a direct connection in the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office. Her name is Jacklyn Johnson and she is a bailiff with the Laurel...

  • Laurel Creek Game Club, Clay County, KY

    892 North KY-11, Manchester, KY To reach this pit from the Clay County Sheriff's Office, proceed north on Highway US-421 N/Richmond Rd for 5.8 miles. Turn right into KY-11 N and proceed 0.9 miles and the pit is located on the right side of the road....

  • Faces of Cockfighting - Laurel Creek Game Club - Clay County, KY

    If you recognize any of these individuals please leave a message at (630) 385-0244 send us an email at: Tips@sharkonline.org From the Laurel Creek cockfighting arena located in Clay County KY. {gallery}CockfightFaces/laurel{/gallery}

  • Two Kentucky Cockfighters Plead Guilty!

    You can read the full story here: Two plead guilty in Laurel County cock fighting case From the May 11, 2022 The Sentinel Echo newspaper: Two of the nine people named in a federal indictment involving a cock fighting ring have pleaded guilty to their...

  • Victory! SHARK's Work Forces Tiger King Zoo to Give Up Their Animals

    helped. Campaigns such as this one are very expensive, but they are effective and save lives. John Root, Sheriff of Laurel County, KY is a horrible excuse for a lawman. That's not a statement we make lightly, but it's borne out by the facts on the...

  • SHARK and HFA Place Ads in Kentucky Exposing Illegal Cockfighting and Police Misconduct

    out the protection cockfighting pits have received from the KY State Police as well as local police, such as at the Laurel County Sheriff’s department, where an actual cockfighter, who has worked for the largest criminal fighting operation in the...

  • Open Letter to Kentucky State Poilice

    McKee Pit Located outside of McKee, not far from the Congleton Hollow Road Pit Exact Location: 37.483671, -84.059566 Laurel County Name: CJ’s Pit About 490 New Salem Road, London, KY Exact Location: 37.1622952296983, -83.98467103401825 Name: Bald Rock...

  • SHARK Set for Unprecedented Assault Against Cockfighting Nationwide!

    October 4, 2020 DEAR FRIENDS, This past June and July 2020, SHARK Investigators, with help from our partners at the Humane Farming Association (HFA), exposed and shut down four major criminal cockfighting operations in Kentucky. This represents the...

  • Clay County Sheriff Patrick Robinson

    In the cesspool of corruption that is Kentucky’s law enforcement community, there appears to be no agency that is interested in standing up to the cockfighting mafia. With a bar so low to begin with, you might think it would be hard to be worse than...

  • Pinemountain Game Club, Harlan County, KY

    Located on KY State Highway 221, just outside Big Laurel, Harlan County, KY To reach this pit from the United States Post Office at 12564 State Hwy 221 in Big Laurel, KY, proceed south on KY-221 for 1000 feet and the pit entrance is on the right side...

  • • Important Crush Cockfighting Campaign Update!

    July 27, 2020 DEAR FRIENDS, In June, the SHARK team worked furiously to shut down cockfighting in Kentucky. We want to take this opportunity to bring you up to speed. Starting on June 6, SHARK targeted three major illegal cockfighting operations in KY....

  • Faces of Cockfighting

    Help us identify these individuals involved with illegal cockfighting. Send tips to: tips@sharkonline.org, or leave a message at: (630) 385-0244 Click the location name for more images: Lawrence County, Ohio. From the Newcomb's Cockfighting Arena...

  • Bald Rock Pits/Big H, London, Laurel County, KY

    Commander john.Felder@ky.gov (606) 878-6622 Tpr. Scottie Pennington Public Affairs Officer scottie.pennington@ky.gov Laurel County Sheriff John Root Phone 606-864-6600

  • Watch SHARK’s Groundbreaking Undercover Video of Kentucky Cockfights!

    July 7, 2020 DEAR FRIENDS, Last night SHARK's groundbreaking video from our 5-week-long investigation of Kentucky cockfights was covered in the media and our video was released on Facebook! Watch the news story HERE Watch our video HERE Not only was...


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