Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) claims to do science-based evaluations of animal protection organizations, however, SHARK is exposing that as being false.

The problem is that ACE reviews - which are important because those who receive "top Charity" status can potential make millions in donations - appear to be biased in favor of one particular person, an activist named Nick Cooney. How is it possible that with over 20,000 animal organizations in the US alone, only organizations connected to Nick Cooney receive "Top Charity" status?

Harrison Nathan's essays about ACE:

SHARK's letters to ACE:

For more information about waste, incompetence, laziness and fraud in the animal protection movement, please go to

*We have been alerted that Vegan Outreach was once, at the very start of ACE, briefly listed as a Top Charity. What’s interesting is that we could find no mention of this on ACE’s website, but it was found on an internet archive website with ACE’s old website. Apparently ACE was caught in a controversy about a study on leafletting involving VO (see Mr. Nathan’s essays) and we have been told that information was removed from the ACE site because of this.

We must also note that Vegan Outreach had ties to Mr. Cooney as well, including him having his own page on the VO website, so this only adds to our claims about his relations to Top Charities. We will have more on this in a future video.

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