The purpose of CruelCelebrities.com is to "out" unethical and hypocritical celebrities that are fraudulently masquerading as compassionate, morally-bound people.

Popular entertainers spend large amounts of money on public relations and publicity agents. Their propaganda promotes them as caring, socially-conscious, ethical people, when in fact these Cruel Celebrities are promoting, supporting, and even sponsoring indefensible animal cruelty and an industry pervaded by criminal activities.

Please speak up for the animals and tell these entertainers that as long as they continue to support animal abuse, financially or any other way, that you will not buy their albums, tickets to their concerts, watch their shows, or spend your money or time supporting them in any way.

Cruel Celebrities have no moral compass of their own, but instead blow with the public wind, and they can't help but listen if fans are loud enough. Urge these celebrities to look at the documentation from SHARK's investigations and remind them that no one should want to be aligned with this sort of pointless and appalling cruelty.

Report Cockfighting!

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