Sheryl Crow has been an outspoken supporter for wild horses. It is because of this that SHARK was surprised that she was scheduled to perform at the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo (CFD), opening night, July 22, 2011.

SHARK has documented cruelty and even deaths of horses at the CFD. We sent Sheryl Crow the following letter dated May 11, 2011 (Click here to read the complete letter), and we are released the YouTube video below. This video not only speaks personally to Ms. Crow, but shows footage SHARK has taken exposing the cruel and inhumane treatment of horses at CFD.


Sadly we must report that Sheryl Crow DID betray the horses and perform at CFD. Less than 48 hours after her performance, CFD killed the first of at least three horses they would kill at the 2011 rodeo. Perhaps to assuage her conscience or maybe it's a case of cold and calculated 'green-washing', but Crow announced that she was donating a portion of her CFD earnings to a wild horse rescue. Read about it here.


Sheryl Crow Confronted


Nearly 22,000 (and counting) people from around the world sign a petition calling out Sheryl Crow for supporting rodeo cruelty

SHARK was appalled when it was announced that Sheryl Crow, who has professed to care about animals, was going to perform this Friday at the official opening night of the CFD. After receiving tremendous pressure from the public, including a protest at her book signing event in Utah, Ms. Crow tried to spin her way out by donating a part of her proceeds to an organization that helps wild horses. SHARK called out Ms. Crow for her hypocrisy in an Associated Press story that was covered nationwide and internationally.

This led to the creation of an online petition asking Ms. Crow to speak out against rodeo cruelty that has already garnered nearly 22,000 signatures. You can read all about it here.

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