September 25, 2019


On Monday, September 23rd, SHARK was in Indiana filming a literal dump where a number of sickly and injured animals are being kept.  

Watch the video HERE


An overview of the property we filmed, followed by a close-up of a dog who appears to be severely malnourished 

SHARK received a tip about this property, and though we have been grounded due to lack of funds, we knew we had to get to Indiana and do what we could for the sickly and seemingly starving animals on that property.

  A local resident sent us the tip about this nightmarish place. He also sent us this picture of an injured horse. Once we saw what was going on, we knew we had to take action

We will have more on this issue soon and what you can do to help these animals. In the meantime, please understand that SHARK is in dire need of funds so we can continue to do the desperately needed work of exposing animal cruelty such as this.

When SHARK got the call for these animals, we answered. That’s what makes SHARK different, and it’s why we need your help. Please consider making a generous donation to SHARK today


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