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September 16, 2019


SHARK was serious when we said our new campaign to "Crush Cockfighting" was going to be the biggest such campaign ever undertaken. We have already collected evidence against cockfighters in 22 states!  

To show you just how vast a reach this is, take a look at this graphic we created:

This is just the beginning: Once we finish supplying law enforcement in all the above states with the evidence we currently have, we will continue our research and digging up evidence until there isn't a state on that chart that isn't burning red from our efforts!

This is an example of the type of evidence we've been collecting: Names, faces, and pictures of these guys posing with cockfighting trophies and talking about actual cockfights

Once again we must state that SHARK is desperately low on funds. While others spend their money on marketing, we are doing the hard work fighting for animals. Please share our updates and videos and let people know that if they want to support real work for animals that saves live, that SHARK is the place for them!






Monterey County's Spineless SPCA, Corrupt District Attorney


In July, 2019, SHARK investigators recorded horrific animal cruelty when dogs were forced to attack bulls at the California Rodeo Salinas in Monterey County California. This was illegal - yet Monterey County District Attorney is refusing to prosecute.

In this video, we show how that same DA has been a stalwart volunteer of the rodeo that she has refused to hold accountable under the law. The SPCA of Monterey County is refusing to stand up to this compromised DA, and has long partnered with the rodeo to blunt efforts to stop abuse.

You can read more about this disturbing miscarriage of justice HERE

Please politely contact both the DA and the SPCA and call on them to take action:

Monterey County District Attorney's Office 
The SPCA for Monterey County

SHARK Challenges Lies from Salinas Rodeo

Are there no lies the Salinas Rodeo will not tell when it comes to animal abuse? Salinas Rodeo Marketing Manager Mandy Linquist was challenged to respond. As of September 16, 2019, she has not responded. We don't expect that she ever will.

California Rodeo at Salinas Facebook

Animal Abuse Continues in Martinsville, Illinois

Illinois Department of Agriculture Phone: (217) 782-2172
Facebook     Twitter

"Crush Cockfighting" Campaign Update










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