Union County Tennessee Individuals Cited at Cockfight

Individuals face a possible fine of $1,000-$2,500.

*Means the person was charged with cockfighting, others charged as spectators.

Story here: Cockfighting raid on Saturday in Union County, Tenn. leads to 98 arrests

Allen, Andy L. of Blaine*

Allen, Conley R. of Thorn Hill* 

Atkins, Pamela M. of Morristown

Bailey, Mark A. of Luttrell*

Beeler, Nicholas P. of Corryton

Bishop, Cletis Judge Jr. of Greenville 

Blackburn, Robert W. of Maynardville

Bounds, James of Knoxville* 

Brantley, Darrell G. Jr of Sharps Chapel

Bunch, David K. of Powell

Carpenter, Michael A. of Corryton 

Cautnay, Derek Thomas of Townsend* 

Cheatham, Gabriel of Vonore 

Cheatham, Shaun E. of Vonore 

Chesney, Danny L. Jr. of Luttrell* 

Claybough, David E. Jr. of Maryville 

Colley, Raymond of Knoxville

Conner, Willard Russell of Maryville 

Cooksey, Bennie Jr. of Knoxville* 

Cooper, James of Tazewell

Crawford, Jerry Lynn of Maryville 

Cummings, Robert of Knoxville 

Daniel, John Lewis of Tazewell 

Davis, Jeffery Scott of Washburn 

Dawson, Donald of Knoxville 

Donahue, Raymond Medford of Knoxville

Emert, Alex Shane of Luttrell

Emert, Harold E. of Luttrell*

Emert, Jonathan of Luttrell*

Emert, Samuel Dean of Clinton* 

Fisher, Gerald D. of New Tazewell 

Ford, Marshall J. of Maynardville*

Fox, Anthony Monroe of Greenville 

Garrell, Joshua Shane of Newport* 

Gibson, Joseph Lee of Greenville* 

Hall, Floyd Jay of New Tazewell 

Hall, Ron M. of Bulls Gap*

Hall, Steven J. of Bulls Gap

Hall, Vincent Dale of Rogersville

Hayes, Timothy of Corryton

Haynes, Ralph Evelon of Vonore

Hurst, Kenneth of Mascot

Huskey, Tracy of Townsend 

Jeffries, David of Maryville 

Kincaid, Tehica Dorthy of Washburn

King, Jessie C. Sr. of Ewing, VA* 

Leake, Jeffrey Allen of Corryton 

Leeper, John of Rogersville*

Leonard, Billy A. of Washburn* 

Lynch, Ricky of Luttrell

Marlow, David G. of Townsend

McCarty, Ronald of Sharps Chapel 

McKee, Kathy Sue of Corryton 

Meyers, Ricky Lynn of Maynardville* 

Monroe, Michael E. of Mascot 

Morgan, Vaughn Eugene of Luttrell 

Moser, Michael Eugene of Loudon 

Necessary, Shannon Michael of Jonesborough

Nicley, David Wayne of  Washburn 

Oakley, Kaleb M. of Lafollette 

Parton, Rickey of Straw Plains* 

Patt, Douglas Lee of Powell 

Patterson, Janie A. of Blaine* 

Patterson, Troy Melvin of Blaine* 

Ragan, Austin Scott of Sharps Chapel*

Ragan, Payton M. of Sharps Chapel* 

Record, Michael Wayne of Corryton

Renfrow, Corey Alisha of Townsend 

Smelcer, Kenneth B. of Newport*

Smelcer, Timothy Brian of Newport* 

Smith, Charles Timothy of Maynardville

Sparks, Steven Ray, Jr. of Maryville

Sparks, Tommy J. of Maryville 

Stiner, Scott Anthony, Jr. of Powder Springs 

Strader, Charles Ray, Jr. of  Knoxville 

Strange, Clark Douglas of Luttrell* 

Sturm, Travis B. of Chuckey*

Swiney, David of Rutledge*

Tallent, Chester E. of Powell* 

Tallent, Richard Neal of Maryville 

Tharp, Mark Roland of New Tazewell 

Varner, Gregory S. L. of Maynardville 

Varner, Kenneth of Maynardville 

Walker, Jesse A. of Sharps Chapel

Weaver, Carl Jr. of Heiskell* 

Westmore, Carla D. of Rutledge 

Whiteaker, Joseph D. of Luttrell 

Wilburn, Johnny Ray of Walland 

Williams, Jeffrey L. of Washburn 

Wood, Terry L. of Luttrell* 

Woolard, Garry A. of Maynardville

Woolard, Tucker Allen of Maynardville

Wyrick, Hobert of Luttrell 

Young, Kenneth Scott of Powder Springs*

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