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Rodeo Welfare


Welfare Cowboys: The Truth about Rodeo's Addiction to Government Handouts

Self-manufactured rodeo lore would have you believe that rodeo folks are strong, independent, all-American types who rely on nothing but their own strength of character to succeed against all odds. Rodeo announcers will go on with the pitch and fervor of a religious zealot about how the rodeo contestant gets no support other than what he or she earns, and the difficulties rodeo people endure in maintaining Western tradition, culture and history. This hype is backed by propaganda in rodeo programs and on rodeo websites.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that the very existence of the rodeo world is depends on societal handouts. Some of those handouts come in the form of corporate sponsorships and/or advertising dollars from companies such as Bank of the West, Dodge Trucks, Coca-Cola, Wrangler Jeans, Budweiser Beer, Super 8, etc. These companies want their brand names noticed, and they have very few standards to limit what depths they will sink to in order to accomplish that mission. The rodeo industry takes full advantage of this, and the marketing departments of rodeo associations in large part keep rodeos alive, including very poorly attended events, by maintaining a flow of cash from sponsors.


$90,000 Government Handout to Cowgirl Hall of Fame

Congress Gives $90,000 Handout to Cowgirl Hall of Fame

Apparently rodeo folks aren't proud enough of their cowgirl heritage to pony up the money themselves for their Cowgirl Museum. Or, is it just that they are only to happy to wait for the free handouts and save their energy for pounding on horses and slamming down calves at their cruelty contests?


Coins for Cowboys

Think Rodeo Doesn't Need Corporate Welfare? Guess Again. 

Rodeos like to portray themselves as being rugged and self-sufficient. They claim to be true pioneers that can survive without any handouts. But back in the real world, nothing could be further from the truth.

Check out this newspaper article describing the rodeo panhandling that is taking place in Marshall, MN. The rodeo even set out cardboard cowboys to beg for money around town to collect their welfare. "Coins for Cowboys" they call it.


SHARK President: Colorado Governor Owens is a "Moron", "Stooge"

Colorado Governor, Cattlemen: Incompetent Welfarists

by Steve Hindi, President, SHARK

February, 2007

I want to start by saying that I am neither a PETA basher nor a PETA fan. PETA has at times made me proud to be a fellow animal protector, while at other times their antics have left me shaking my head in embarrassment. I've just never accepted that taking one's clothes off helps animals, but that's just me. My feelings about the matter of PETA refusing to aid cattle in Colorado are, however, clear and unequivocal, as is my opinion of the Governor of Colorado after he declared PETA to be “A Bunch of Losers” and “Frauds” for that refusal.


Government Bailouts are Nothing New for Rodeo

New Mexico Boosts Economy With Rodeos

by Eric Mack

Three years ago New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson formed the New Mexico Rodeo Council in an attempt to boost his state's economy. The effort is beginning to pay off. This week, the state hosts the National High school rodeo finals, billed the "world's largest rodeo."

Click here to listen to the 4 minute radio story

Rodeos are unable to support themselves. Rodeos MUST have government welfare in order to continue abusing animals because more and more people everyday say NO to attending these sad spectacles of cruelty. Attendance is dropping and corporations are looking elsewhere to spend sponsorship dollars. But instead of getting real jobs, the rodeos simply drop to their knees and beg the government for more money.