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Trump Supporters and Animal People - Cut from the Same Cloth?

By Steve Hindi 
April 27, 2017

When Donald Trump was campaigning for president, a lot of left-leaning people couldn’t believe Trump supporters would sucker for the outrageously over-the-top promises of their candidate, or fall for his ridicules alternative facts, or swallow his self-serving bluster. It is indeed amazing that so many Americans support an egotistic, boorish, incompetent, narcissistic buffoon, whose innumerable flaws and failings could literally put the world economy/order/peace at great risk.  

What is equally amazing however is that many of the same people - particularly animal lovers - who are so dumbfounded by the self-destructive mindset of Trump supporters, are equally blind when it comes to some of their own decisions in supporting animal protection organizations.  

Contemporary animal protection organizations have devolved from entities of a compassionate social movement to an industry supported by mind-numbed donors. Laziness, incompetence, credit grabbing, lying, and in many cases outright fraud have become commonplace among many supposed animal protection organizations, but no matter how many times some of these groups are exposed for bad performance and/or ethical lapses, supporters apparently incapable of independent thought continue to send money like hypnotized members of a religious cult.  

Meanwhile, groups and individuals who are busting their tails to faithfully execute their mission statements to protect animals operate at the point of bankruptcy for lack of support. It should not be a financial liability for a sincere organization to focus on its mission instead of marketing and fundraising schemes. Many productive organizations have ceased to exist for lack of funding.

Witnessing and resisting the corporate perversion of the animal protection movement, perhaps my greatest wish is that I could walk away. Unfortunately, that would mean abandoning not just the creeps and crooks who largely run things today, but also the innocent animal victims those creeps and crooks forgot a long time ago.  

The answer to the dilemma is for SHARK to continue to fight for animals, simultaneously exposing not just those who literally exploit and abuse animals for fun and profit, but also on those who exploit and abuse animals by using them as mere fundraising props.  

In an effort to shine the bright light of truth on the latter group, SHARK has created a new website - CharityCops.com - which will illuminate the misdeeds of those who make money by falsely claiming to champion animal causes.  

CharityCops.com will evaluate organizations based on several principles, including truthfulness, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness.  

Those who support animal causes have plenty of reason to feel contempt for the likes of Donald Trump supporters, but just as the Trumpies have bought a lemon, so have the majority of donors to animal causes. The aim of CharityCops.com will make it possible to discern between truth, hyperbole, and fraudsters.


#5 Marion Zola 2017-10-05 18:49
I do not want to engage in politics here but I would like to know where to find your list of approved or better charities. Thank you.
#4 dave 2017-09-28 23:03
Steve, I'm usually with you on your fight and you do outstanding work. Now that you're gone all political and insulted a large segment of the population. I can no longer help you or support you.

Painting with a broad brush is a very bad thing to do. I guess you're just one of those rabid liberal nuts jobs after this speech by you. Adios.
#3 Gary 2017-09-09 14:02
Dear Lisa and Joe:

Sorry, but Steve is right. Trump's been a con man his whole life. What's more, he's using his executive power to strip legal protections from animals, so your claim to be a pro-animal person rings hollow when you support him. Just one example of many: on Feb. 4, the Trump administration ordered the U.S.D.A. to remove inspection reports and other similar information regarding the treatment and welfare of thousands of animals from its website. Now that once-available information --records paid for with our taxes -- can only be had by filing a Freedom of Information Act request. The records kept by the USDA were often accessed by animal rights activists in their efforts to monitor animal welfare at circuses, zoos, and scientific labs. Individuals looking to adopt pets could also use the site’s online database to find information about dog breeders before purchasing pets. You're pro-animal? He's not.
#2 Lisa 2017-09-01 10:01
I'm sorry Steve, but I have to agree with Joe. You may not realize how many conservatives are animal lovers and even vegetarian or vegan. Although you may feel contempt for Trump supporters, we wonder how you could have supported the alternative, a self-serving criminal who left 4 Americans to die on her watch. But that wouldn't keep us from supporting animal welfare causes such as yours. However, when you sling insults at us, it gives us cause to reconsider.
#1 Joe 2017-07-25 07:51

I have viewed many of your videos. I admire what you do. The injustice you & your team sometimes deals with from neanderthal LEAs is truly outrageous. I spend 1000s of $$$ through AmazonSmile. I have a $25K budget for 501c donations. I have my own drone. I would have loved to have done some work for you guys, but now I can't.

You have insulted me. You've insulted Trump supporters. You've insulted my President. And now you end up with nothing from me. It would better serve you to keep your politics to yourself, your mouth shut, and not insult 50% of the American population who would love to support your cause.

Good Luck with your work.

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