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Great Calgary Herald Article About Rodeo Animals

In the more than twenty years that SHARK has investigated and exposed the cruelty of rodeo, we have seen a great many editorials and columns against rodeo animal abuse, which is typically cloaked as “Western American Tradition” by unethical corporate sponsors and clueless “reporters" looking for an easy story that won’t stress their limited abilities.

Rarely have we seen a more truthful column than this piece by Naomi Lakritz, a columnist for the Calgary Herald. The obvious truths of Ms. Lakritz’s column will be utterly lost on the narcissistic rodeo crowd, as their world is all about benefiting themselves, no matter the cost to the nonhuman victims. For those striving to do the right thing, however, Ms. Lakritz has crafted a thought-provoking piece well-worthy of consideration by any enlightened person.

From the article:

... the bottom line is these animals are still being used for sheer entertainment in events that can cause them traumatic injuries and death — and it is unnecessary for them to be subjected to this. Are we humans so hard up for entertainment that we must amuse ourselves by watching events that can cause animals to suffer and die?

Read the full piece here and be sure to thank the author at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lakritz: Cattle, horses aren't here to entertain us



#9 Yolanda Williamson 2016-05-11 13:49
It's not only the ignorant audience at fault. USA should be the example for other countries to follow as far as human and animal rights and Authorities allow this. We can see a calf injured in front of the cameras, that should be enough to prohibit them. What they do? Bunch of men come by, pick up the injured animal, put him to sleep (maybe) and let's continue the party! There are two kind of people in this world: people who respect life and people who don't. Sad part, they teach children to watch this stupid events, what kind of ethics would a child have in society watching the fact that an innocent being is treated like trash and nobody does nothing about?
#8 Tyler 2016-05-11 03:16
so i award most points for illiteracy/inco herence/mid seisure typing/Drunkenn ess? or whattever to Megan, With a 6X irony multiplier for completing this string of words without any major issues."somethi ng you know absolutely nothing about" lmao I would guess that autofill was able to undrunk that string of words because she types it so often.To avoid any emotional or mental scarring from awareness of this train wreck that is megans comment, i switch to zen thinking:Theres a kind of beauty and art to this level of devout stupidity. Its like a flower growing up out of a junkyard. The universe making art with the brush of human folly. ^_^ That said,I think most if not all Rodeo fans suffer mental illness. Torturing animals for entertainment or to prove manhood or make $ or whatever is sick dangerous behavior.
#7 Megan Schultz 2015-12-13 18:12
Lololololol likrits Steve and all the rest of u tree huggers think it u know everything have any of u RODEO I very much dought it so how can u talk about something that you know absolutely nothing about ur a STUPID ANNOYING ppl wish they a rodeos with u ppl as the animals that is one I would love to do by the way I rodeo I love doing it and will never stop doing what I love so all u animal activists Peta tree huggers etc can fuck off u r all COWARDS tuck tail and run full of shit COWARDS no wounder none of ur petitions go far or even get settled !!! Later LOSER
#6 Yolanda Williamson 2015-11-28 16:34
They would be grazing peacefully far from idiots that have nothing better to do!
#5 Doyal Stanford 2015-11-22 22:02
Where would these animals be, if they were not in this sport?
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#2 Standardbred Horse F 2015-08-19 13:54
Abuse, abuse, abuse. Sadly, the rodeo has become the sport of Abuse, pain, suffering, and for some horses, such as the chuck wagon races, death.
#1 Yolanda Williamson 2015-08-05 22:38
I don't care if it is a sport or not, all the criminals that have caused damage to animals during those stupid rodeos need to go to jail! How the government allows this!!

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