Pennsylvania State Police Shill for Pigeon Shooters

October 28, 2017 - another in a long line of chapters of the Pennsylvania State Police demonstrating their loyalty to serving the whims of cruel, cowardly live pigeon shooters, most of whom don't even live in Pennsylvania.

Please contact Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, and let him know what you think: 717-787-2500

PA State Police Misconduct

First, it is important to understand that SHARK has a great deal of respect for good law enforcement personnel. Society could not get along without these dedicated men and women. Because of the importance of GOOD law enforcement, we find those who abuse their authority to be have an extremely corrosive effect on society. In this case, a Pennsylvania State Police Officer behaves in a most peculiar fashion. Is it shocking incompetence, or something far worse?


Criminal Suspect Runs, PA State Police Cover Up

What happens when the National Rifle Association protects animal abusers? Certainly not justice!

Finally, a Little Justice in Pennsylvania

The case of pigeon shoot minion Steven Spaar's assault of SHARK president Steve Hindi goes to court, twice.


Cowardly Pigeon Shooters, Clueless Cop, Careless Judge

Pennsylvania is the only state in the country to publicly allow live pigeon shoots. Find outrageous cruelty and you will always find outrageous corruption. Pennsylvania is proof of that. Pennsylvania, the land of ignored humane laws, clueless police (at best) and judges who are just for show.

Pigeon Shoot Hit and Run Update

This video updates the intentional rundown of an animal activist by a pigeon shoot minion at one of Pennsylvania's disgusting live pigeon shoots.


CNN Reports Drone Shooting, PA State Police Lie

CNN reports a drone story, and to cover their protection of animal abusers, the Pennsylvania State Police lie.


Watch the Pennsylvania State Shrubbery Police!

The Pennsylvania State Police can't be bothered to show up when people are assaulted, shot at, or hit by shot, but they are on the spot in a hurry when a pigeon shooting host makes a bogus complaint about shrubs being cut.


Please contact the Pennsylvania Legislature and tell them to ban pigeons shoots once and for all. Click here to find and contact your Pennsylvania state legislator

Please contact Governor Tom Wolf and tell him that it's long past time for them to end the abominable cruelty of live pigeon shoots.

Governor Tom Wolf
Phone: (717) 787-2500
Fax: (717) 772-8284
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Please contact the Pennsylvania Tourism Bureau and tell them that you won't be vacationing in PA because of illegal live pigeon shoots.

1-800-847-4872 - Post on their Facebook page HERE.

Click here for a video from Bob Barker and more information.

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