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SHARK’s 2014 Year End Video


SHARK has released a new video detailing the worst ten animal abusers of 2014. Ranging from Rodeos and Coca-Cola, to church sponsored animal fighting and pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania, we are exposing those who have killed, maimed, and tortured animals across our country.
Watch the video HERE

In September, SHARK’s undercover investigator filmed horrific brutality at a political fundraiser held by United States Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, where 1,000 tame pigeons were hand thrown, kicked, wounded and killed.  It was killing for the sake of killing, utter brutality for the sake of campaign cash and fun.

For all that suffering, Inhofe is SHARK’s worst animal abuser of the year.

One of the wounded and bleeding pigeons victimized by Inhofe. There were 999 more just like her.

SHARK Urges Aerosmith - DON’T Play at the Cruel Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo!!!

Sign the petition HERE
The legendary rock band Aerosmith is scheduled to play at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD) in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on July 22, 2015. In SHARK’s considerable experience of more than two decades, CFD is the most brutal and deadly rodeo in the world. SHARK has documented one horror after the other, with many animals severely injured or killed.

Our Aerosmith petition currently has just over 2,270 signatures. We need tens of thousands of signatures, if not more.


If Aerosmith withdraws from the rodeo, it will send a shock wave across two worlds - the world of rodeo, and the world of entertainment. Please don’t let rodeo victims down, when doing something for them is as easy as signing a petition!
Watch our video asking Aerosmith to cancel their performance HERE

CFD, like other rodeos, uses the attraction of rock bands to subsidize their cruelty. That’s why we are asking caring fans of Aerosmith to encourage the band to cancel its show. 
Please politely contact Aerosmith and ask them to cancel their performance at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.

Help SHARK Fight For Animals


After six years of extremely hard work, numerous victories and advancements for the cause of animal protection, the funds generously donated by TV legend Bob Barker are gone.

We need your help. Our resources are running extremely low. Our efforts in Pennsylvania and other parts of the country have ground to a halt. If we are to continue to stand up and fight for animals, we need your generous support.

Those who mercilessly slaughter innocent pigeons for fun are extremely wealthy. Beside their own personal multimillions, they also have the vast wealth and lobbying resources of the National Rifle Association on their side.

SHARK is the engine of change for pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. Senator James Inhofe’s cruelty and illegal pigeon slaughter would have gone unnoticed but for our uncover operation to expose him. Rodeos throughout the country have been exposed not because of local humane organizations, but because SHARK went there to get the job done. In 2014 we were in 8 states. The way things stand now, we won’t be going anywhere in the new year.

Your donations are our fuel. We cannot run without you. Please don’t let our progress against this monstrous cruelty come to a grinding halt. 
You can donate HERE or mail a check to:
SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness
PO Box 28
Geneva IL 60134

Thank you!


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