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SHARK Sues the Salinas Rodeo

SHARK is suing the California Rodeo Salinas – the largest rodeo in California and one of the largest rodeos in the US –  for failing to report animal injuries to the State Veterinary Medical Board, as required under California law.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) filed the suit Wednesday in Monterey County Superior Court on behalf of SHARK. Also named as a defendant is California Rodeo Salinas head veterinarian Tim Eastman.

Read the lawsuit HERE
Watch the video showing unreported injuries HERE

A steer brutally injured at the 2014 California Salinas rodeo

The defendants are accused of significantly under-reporting the number of animals injured at the California Rodeo Salinas. In the last two years, SHARK has video documented injuries, sometimes fatal, to 41 — yet the rodeo has reported only four of those injuries.
The lawsuit notes that SHARK has attended the California Rodeo Salinas and videotaped injuries to animals, including calves limping in pain after being dragged to the ground, and a horse with a tennis ball-sized wound on his neck. Expert veterinary assessment of this footage confirms those injuries required immediate veterinary care, and should have been reported. But to mask the inherent danger of rodeo events, California Rodeo Salinas drastically and chronically under-reported animal injuries.
California law requires the reporting of rodeo animal injuries. The intent was to make rodeos transparent. Instead, the law has not been enforced, but rather, manipulated to make rodeos appear harmless.

SHARK heartily thanks the Animal Legal Defense Fund for stepping up on this issue, and representing SHARK in this lawsuit. The rodeo industry has for far too long gotten away with covering up animal injuries and deaths, and we hope this is a step in the right direction to holding these cruel people accountable.
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SHARK Challenges the NRA to Debate 

Everyone seems to be afraid of the NRA. Presidents, senators, representatives, law enforcement, businesses, it seems that the NRA dominates or intimidates all of them. SHARK is one group that is not intimidated in any way by the NRA, and in the next few months we going to make that perfectly clear.

SHARK president Steve Hindi is publicly challenging the NRA - anyone in the NRA from its leaders to its lobbyists, to its lawyers to debate him at the NRA’s 2015 conference in May, in Nashville, Tennessee. In other words, Steve is willing to walk right into the middle of this group that everyone is afraid of, and give them a good thrashing.

So far the NRA is following the path of all bully cowards - they are as silent as a graveyard, and we don’t expect them to veer from that course. The leaders of the NRA know they can’t defend pigeon shoots, but they don’t have the ethical backbone to fight pigeon shoots either, especially when many of those leaders are pigeon shooters themselves.

The next few months are going to be an opportunity to see with every great clarity the REAL National Rifle Association, an organization run by people who, for all their money, are bankrupt when it comes to compassion, ethics, principles, honor or integrity.

Watch the video HERE

SHARK Urges Aerosmith - DON’T Play at the Cruel Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo!!!

Sign the petition HERE
The legendary rock band Aerosmith is scheduled to play at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo (CFD) in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on July 22, 2015. In SHARK’s considerable experience of more than two decades, CFD is the most brutal and deadly rodeo in the world. SHARK has documented one horror after the other, with many animals severely injured or killed.

Our Aerosmith petition currently has just over 1900 signatures. We need tens of thousands of signatures, if not more.


If Aerosmith withdraws from the rodeo, it will send a shock wave across two worlds - the world of rodeo, and the world of entertainment. Please don’t let rodeo victims down, when doing something for them is as easy as signing a petition!
Watch our video asking Aerosmith to cancel their performance HERE 

Two horses brutalized at CFD
CFD, like other rodeos, uses the attraction of rock bands to subsidize their cruelty. That’s why we are asking caring fans of Aerosmith to encourage the band to cancel its show. 
Please politely contact Aerosmith and ask them to cancel their performance at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.


Help SHARK Fight For Animals


After six years of extremely hard work, numerous victories and advancements for the cause of animal protection, the funds generously donated by TV legend Bob Barker are gone.

We need your help. Our resources are running extremely low. Our efforts in Pennsylvania and other parts of the country have ground to a halt. If we are to continue to stand up and fight for animals, we need your generous support.

Those who mercilessly slaughter innocent pigeons for fun are extremely wealthy. Beside their own personal multimillions, they also have the vast wealth and lobbying resources of the National Rifle Association on their side.

SHARK is the engine of change for pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania. Senator James Inhofe’s cruelty and illegal pigeon slaughter would have gone unnoticed but for our uncover operation to expose him. Rodeos throughout the country have been exposed not because of local humane organizations, but because SHARK went there to get the job done. In 2014 we were in 8 states. The way things stand now, we won’t be going anywhere in the new year.

Your donations are our fuel. We cannot run without you. Please don’t let our progress against this monstrous cruelty come to a grinding halt. 

You can donate HERE or mail a check to:
SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness
PO Box 28
Geneva IL 60134

Thank you!


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