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SHARK Calls Out Celebrity National Rifle Association Board Members for Support of Cruel Live Pigeon Shoots

July 31, 2013

This weekend's planned NRA-supported pigeon slaughter near the city of Reading in Berks County, Pennsylvania has prompted an animal protection organization to call out the NRA's celebrity spokespeople. 

What do NRA board members and spokespeople such as Chuck Norris, Tom Selleck and Ted Nugent think about blasting live pigeons, one at a time, as they are flipped out of small boxes? So far, no one is surfacing. 

Live pigeon shoots are horrific events where birds that have been starved of food and water are stuffed into small boxes, then launched into a hail of shotgun fire. Not only will thousands of animal be living targets, shot and piled up to rot, but hundreds more will escape into the surrounding countryside where they will take hours or days before succumbing to their wounds, infection, predation, hunger or thirst.

Cruelty to animals, as well as ill-treatment and abandonment is illegal in Pennsylvania, and PA humane society police officers have for years declared the shoots illegal, but the killing continues because the NRA exerts great influence in PA's local and state politics. 

"Whenever legislation to ban shoots is introduced in Pennsylvania, the NRA's lobbyist sweeps down upon the state capitol," states SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) President Steve Hindi. "The NRA has also donated money to the Berks County District Attorney, who abuses his power to protect the pigeon shoots in his jurisdiction. The NRA is the reason these illegal mass slaughters continue.” 

The NRA fights hard to protect pigeon shoots because a number of its top people are known pigeon shooters, including NRA Board member Ted Nugent.

SHARK is calling out the NRA's celebrities to debate and defend their organization's support of horrific live pigeon shoots. 

"Selleck, Norris and Nugent have used their celebrity to promote the NRA, now let's see if they or any of the other noteworthy board members have the courage to defend what the NRA is doing," states Hindi. "Let's see if they can explain why the NRA spends so much money protecting cruel, illegal pigeon shoots and why the NRA's top echelon abuse the reputation and wealth of NRA members so that they can slaughter animals for fun. Is this group of public figures going to hide like cowards, or will they face the scrutiny that the NRA has rightfully earned?" 

SHARK is also attempting to contact other NRA board members including Karl Malone, John Bolton, Oliver North, and Grover Norquist. 

SHARK has set up a website dealing with the NRA's support of pigeon shoots: www.NRAcruelty.com

To view the cruelty of a live pigeon shoot, please watch this video narrated by TV legend Bob Barker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfPHvSJLuPc 

Contact: Steve Hindi – 630 640 1889