SHARK filmed a live pigeon shoot on October 28, 2017, at the Thunder Ridge game farm, located in Middlebury Center, Pa. We documented severe animal cruelty as the heads of dozens of pigeons were torn off, which violates PA's anti-cruelty law. The Supreme Court decision can be read here:

PA’s Anti-Cruelty law, Title 18, 5532-5534, can be read here: § 5532.  Neglect of animal § 5533.  Cruelty to animal § 5534.  Aggravated cruelty to animal. SHARK is pursuing criminal charges against those involved and responsible.

Please contact the PA State police for Tioga County and ask that they immediately investigate this. Please point them to our video: (570) 662-2151

Please also contact Tioga County District Attorney Krista Deats and ask that they prosecute both the trapper and owners of Thunder Ridge: (570) 724-1350 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.