December 12, 2019


We are very pleased to announce that rodeo stock contractor Cotton Rosser has been fined $2,000 for illegally electro-shocking horses at the California-based 2019 Rowell Ranch Rodeo! SHARK's video of the shocking was used for the complaint and as evidence of the illegal acts.

Watch the SHARK video that caught the shocking HERE

SHARK captured video of rodeo thugs illegally shocking horses 

The success of SHARK's mission to document cruelty at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo is all the more impressive when you realize that the governing body of rodeo arena -  the Hayward Recreation and Park District (HARD): banned cameras from the rodeo.

How then did SHARK get the video? We did what we always do when the bad guys want to keep us from filming them - we find another way to get the job done. In this case, it meant having investigators inside the arena using undercover cameras and using a drone to film the cruelty from the sky.


SHARK's drone captured video of this horse who crashed to the muddy floor of the rodeo arena

In a letter HARD sent to Cotton Rosser, it states that:

"The video confirms the electric prod was used at least twice during the rodeo. In both instances the horses were in the chute and the gate was open when the electric prod was used. The prod was used on the horses in the shoulder area. However, there is no evidence supporting the requirement that the participants or spectators needed protection from either horse. Therefore, the use of the prod was a violation of the State Penal Code and District Policy.

The District is issuing an infraction for two violations with a fine of $500 for the first violation and $1,500 for the second violation."

California rodeos are notorious for not enforcing the state anti-shocking law, so it is a major victory and step forward for animals abused at rodeos that Rosser has been fined.

Please understand that this only happened because SHARK was there and fully prepared to document animal cruelty. That cost a lot of money, but it was worth it.

Are you outraged when you see majestic horses tortured with electricity to make them perform for rodeos? Do you want to see that cruelty stopped? Then please support SHARK, because we are the only group on the ground fighting hard for these animals. 


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