Jack Godwin, from New Jersey, is not only a pigeon shooter, but he is the owner of Point Lobster Co. in Point Pleasant NJ, so he's doubled down on being cruel to animals. Being cruel to multiple species of animals appears to be a common theme for pigeon shooters. 

Godwin's company ran into some trouble with the law in 2009 when they were caught by Conservation Officers with the NJ Marine Region Office for selling sub-legal lobsters. You can read about that here. Here is the the relevant excerpt:

If you'd like to contact Point Lobster and politely and respectfully tell them what you think about animal cruelty, here is their contact information:

TEL: 1-800-892-1729 
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Godwin, according to this story, suffers from severe leg pain. Poor guy. Maybe he should take a second and think about all the pain he's caused to innocent animals, such as birds like this one, who was brutally killed on the same day we photographed Godwin at a shoot at the Pike Township Sportsmen Club.


SHARK visited Point Lobster and took a few pictures: