SHARK has documented unbelievable and horrifying cruelty at the Wing Pointe canned hunting resort in Pennsylvania. From shooters wounding, crippling and killing thousands of birds, to trapper boys beating, crushing and throwing still living birds into corpse barrels - and then dumping them into a mass dead pile where these poor birds die slowly over the course of days - Wing Pointe and its owner Joseph Solana Jr. have proven to be responsible for some of the worst cases of animal cruelty we have ever seen.

Joseph Solana Jr. also owns Carlton Pools (in fact, in the business entity filing for Wing Pointe, Solana used the address of the headquarters of Carlton Pools for the address for the President of Wing Pointe).

Please click HERE for contact information for Carlton Pooks. We ask that you respectfully contact all the Carlton Pools locations and politely request that owner Joe Solana stop allowing cruel pigeon shoots on his property. Your support will show Joe Solana and his pals that our compassion and strength far outmatches their cruelty and greed.

Joe Solana, running away from the Berks County Sheriff

SHARK filed a lawsuit against Wing Pointe for one of our remote controlled aircraft that was shot down during a pigeon shoot. Read more about this here.