Two Kentucky Cockfighters Plead Guilty!

You can read the full story here: Two plead guilty in Laurel County cock fighting case

From the May 11, 2022 The Sentinel Echo newspaper:

Two of the nine people named in a federal indictment involving a cock fighting ring have pleaded guilty to their charges.

Rickie D. Johnson, 55, made a guilty plea on May 3 to conspire against the United States of America by operating a cock fighting ring known as Bald Rock Chicken Pit off Loretta Lane on property owned by Harold "Fuzzy" Hale, who was also named in the indictment.

Johnson was scheduled for a May 17 jury trial but entered into a plea agreement. He is set for sentencing on Sept. 20 in London's U.S. District Court. He could face imprisonment for not more than 5 years, a fine up to $250,000, and supervised release for up to 3 years. As part of the plea agreement, Johnson agreed that he would not file for a decrease in his potential prison time based on his offense level and that he would not appeal the guilty plea or conviction.

Hiram B. Creech Jr., 47, entered a guilty plea to bringing his son who was not 16 years of age to the cock fighting operation, thus violating 7 U.S.C 2156. Creech could face up to three years in prison, up to $250,000 fine, and one year of supervised release. He is also set for sentencing on Sept. 20.

You can read the actual plea deals here:

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