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Cheyenne Rodeo Announcer Caught Lying About Animal Deaths

Added on : 05-10-2013

Rodeo announcers, like rodeo people in general, are habitual liars. Rodeo announcer Justin McKee must have figured that he had nothing to worry about when he falsely claimed that an injured calf dragged out of the arena was the first injured calf of the 2007 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.

Unfortunately for McKee, SHARK investigators caught every word, and had video documentation to prove that four calves had been dragged out of the very first round days earlier. That doesn't even include all the injured steers that were dragged out.

McKee was invited to correct his error, but so far there's no word from him. That's no surprise. That's just the way of rodeo. Say anything, then hide like Osama Bin Laden when exposed.

Learn the deadly facts about animal injuries and deaths in rodeos, and about the lies rodeo people tell to cover up the terrible truth.

In closing, this is just for rodeo blabbermouth Justin McKee:

Justin, if you watch this video and you feel raw about it, SHARK president Steve Hindi is dying to debate you or any other rodeo representative in a public forum. How about during the NFR in Las Vegas? Remember what happened to Doug Corey on live Las Vegas television? Steve says he'll make that look like a walk through the park.

Come on son, Cowboy Up!

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